Most men and women enjoy watching cool action movies where the characters not only shoot, but also fight effectively. Such combat scenes are very beautiful and healthy, and therefore many people want to repeat them immediately, scattering a group of bastards.

But, there are few daredevils who will want to run away and implement this plan in real life because it will take you at least a few years to visit the martial arts section. However, there is an alternative path.

So, if you download and install FzMovies apk  on your mobile device, you can enjoy watching the action movies and playing in some projects where you are going to fight. And to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, you can play suitable music. You can use the Melon Music app for this purpose.

In the modern world, there are many games with interesting stories that will help you get the sensations of both in real battles. Here are some of them.


This virtual action movie has already been released. So there’s nothing stopping you from getting into the role of a character who’s going through the room and facing a crowd of enemies that need to be put in place, and you can do that right now. The battle system of Sifu is truly amazing, and the gamer will have to not just randomly wave his fists, but also use his mind.

To win, you will have to learn some sets of hits, as well as consider the timing and remember that your enemy is learning quickly from his mistakes too. If you hit an enemy with a hitch once, the second time it may not fall for this trick. Also, your opponent will probably remember the bottle you threw at him. Not only is there a very smart and realistic system of blows, but it is also very colourful. Thus, gamers who want to feel like Jackie Chan can simply acquire the Sifu.


Sleeping Dogs

If you have plans to become an unsurpassed fighter, but Sifu seems too complicated, then you should try such a project as Sleeping Dogs. In this game, there is a great open world and a lot of different activities. As for the fights, like any good Chinese action movie, they will show you that bones break, opponents go to the knockout and blood drops spray in all directions.

In addition to your fists and feet, you can also use special items. For example, you can drag your opponent closer to the car to effectively hit him with car doors. You can also pick up the phone from a handy old CD phone to punch a man in the face. In addition, there is a hydraulic press that you can use too. In this way, you can kill your enemies with more methods, and we can hardly describe them all briefly within the boundaries of one article.

Batman: Arkham

For a long time, superhero games were considered primitive and uninteresting, in which gamers simply pressed buttons and killed many enemies. But after the release of a project like Batman: Arkham, that changed a lot. Although people initially did not think so, the developers suggested that they use only two buttons for battles, including one for a hit, and one for a strike lock.

But, there is a brilliant system, not regular control of buttons. There, fights quickly ceased to be children’s fun. Now, gamers had to run between enemies, dodging and blocking strikes at the right time to then counterattack their enemies, who attacked them from all sides. It is very beautiful when at the right moment, an attack on an opponent with one button turns into an effective combination of blows with spectacular ending.

In conclusion, we would very much like to briefly mention The Witcher, Matrix: Path of Neo, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, For Honor and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In all these games, gamers will encounter some interesting systems of combat. They may like them, or they may piss them off, but you might not want to ignore these games, because their developers have tried to create battle mechanics that have made computer games seem incredible.