Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday life. Today, they give users many useful features such as essential services, connections, social networking and professional tools for business. Android is one of the best platforms in its field, which is vital for this industry.

The relevance of creating mobile apps and the value of Android OS

It is a fact that the internet is developing at an intense pace, and smartphone users are becoming more and more every day, so developing mobile apps for Android is an actual necessity. Such programs became the primary tool for business, education, entertainment, and other fields.

The fact is that Android leads the market of operating systems. This OS gives developers a massive audience of consumers. It has a comfortable internal system, structured use and the possibility of adaptation. Developers get the ideal platform for innovation. This is the reason why we would like to describe some software for mobile app development for Android.

Mobile app development for Android: several tools

Programming environments (IDE)

  • This is the official Android IDE that Google has developed. It has some integrated tools such as emulator, profiler and intelligent hint system. They speed up and optimize the programming process.
  • In the past, Eclipse was the leader in the global market. Today, many studios still use this program, even though AndroidStudio is ahead of it in many respects. However, its versatility of modules remains the preference of professionals until now.

Cross-platform tools

  • Flutter. This modern framework from Google helps users create native apps with high performance. It was developed from programming languages such as Dart and Flutter. So, it has fast algorithms and a single code base for Android and iOS.
  • React Native. That is a Facebook product that helps many developers create native JavaScript programs. It provides high performance and flexibility and allows the developer to use the same code for different platforms.
  • Xamarin is an app that Microsoft developed. It simplifies the creation of native programs for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and uses programming languages such as C#. There, you will see excellent integration with Visual Studio and .NET.

Game and multimedia frameworks

  • Unity is a powerful tool that gained popularity thanks to its extensive features. With this program, you can create both games for smartphones and other devices. Unity will give you intuitive tools to develop apps through programming languages such as C#.
  • Unreal Engine. This field includes the development of games with high-quality graphics and complex animation, too. So, Unreal Engine is the optimal program for this. Epic Games developed this program, and today, this tool has become the platform for many AAA games. It has innovative technologies to help you design realistic game worlds.

Software libraries

  • Retrofit is a standard library that simplifies working with the REST API. Retrofit transforms your HTTP API in Java interface. It will also make the data transfer process as simple and fast as possible.
  • Glide is a program designed for effectively uploading images in Android apps. It controls caching in auto mode. It reduces the load on the system and increases its whole performance.

Testing and debugging

  • Firebase Test Lab will give users a new tool for automatic testing of Android apps on various devices. It has many valuable configurations and simplifies the process of detecting and fixing errors even before the product is launched by users.
  • Genymotion is an effective emulator that gives users a wide range of virtual devices to test. It has an integration function with the most popular development platforms and works effectively.


The development of Android apps is a long process that needs the correct selection of methods and tools. The modern market of mobile apps has many frameworks and libraries that help developers in different aspects of production. So, the choice of options depends on the tasks that developers choose before designing a new project. We encourage you to improve your skills regularly and learn about this field updates on time. This approach will help you create quality and competitive products.