Preparation is the most important stage in the process of any journey, and each participant of the hike must make sure in advance that he or she does not forget about the essentials of the essentials. In this article we describe the most important things in camping that you should prepare.

Camping stuff

This factor depends on the circumstances of your future camping:

  1. The place you go to. Tourist groups go to the forest and the mountains or travel on the plains. Each area has its unique climatic conditions and requires special equipment.
  2. The season and weather in which you travel. It is impossible to predict the weather conditions for sure. However, you can predict the temperature of the air that changes in each type of terrain depending on the season.
  3. The length of your journey. The number of things necessary for the journey growths as the length of the journey increases. To make your journey safe, you must anticipate all possible situations that may occur in nature. That is why timely preparation for them is indispensable.

Clothes that are necessary for the camping

Clothes that you take with you on a hike should be comfortable and strong. Sports and tourist equipment is the best option.


Walking from one place to another will require you to carefully select things that are made of waterproof fabric. You should be warm when you travel. We do not recommend that you keep your coats and hats on.


Shoes should be optimal for the features of the terrain. So, tourist boots are suitable for travelling in the mountains. They are better than sandals or sneakers because they fix the position of the leg and protect against scratches, abrasions and other injuries. An important requirement for shoes is a secondary use. You do not advise you to wear those shoes that you bought recently.

Camping stuff

Things you should never forget

There are some other things that you should take on a hike. They will make your journey more comfortable:

  1. Personal care products. Mobile washing kits, wet wipes and sponges replacing washing brushes are suitable for camping conditions. Wet wipes are versatile, suitable for washing hands, cleaning clothes, rubbing the face with sweat and dirt. The wet sponge does not require much water, it foams easily and does not leave sticky marks on the body.
  2. Navigator, map, compass. They will help you navigate the terrain.
  3. First aid kit. Tourist first aid kits in the wild contain a set of universal medicines that are necessary for the provision of first aid.
  4. Utensils. The standard set of utensils for hiking is a mug, spoon, bowl and knife. In addition, it is necessary to heat-resistant cookware and gas burners, which helps to light a fire even at high air humidity. If you are going on a trip for a few days, then you should bring plastic utensils.
  5. Food and water. We recommend you take only nutritious foods with a long shelf life. The water supply should cover the daily need of your body for liquid.
  6. Tent, sleeping bag and mat. Mat and bag are inseparable things. The mat provides thermal insulation at the bottom of your body, in thanks to the bag you will be warm throughout the body. You can save space in the backpack by choosing a self-inflating sleeping set.
  7. Insect repellent, which will not let you spoil the rest.