Although scientists are still arguing about global warming and cannot reach an agreement, there is indeed something wrong with the weather. Nowadays weather phenomena are strangely unstable, changeable, and unpredictable.

Advanced users download weather applications to their mobile devices to avoid getting into trouble and accidentally getting cold, wet, or sweaty. One such app is called YoWindow, which apparently means “your window” to the world outside of your cozy apartment or office.

Features and Capabilities of the YoWindow Application

In Google’s Play Market, the YoWindow app is presented with the proud slogan “Accurate Weather”.  Skeptical users independently conducted an investigation, comparing the readings of the thermometer outside the window, the weather forecast on TV, the weather on Google, as well as the data provided by smartphones, and found a high percentage of matches.

It is important to note that different sources of weather forecasts can take information from different weather stations. In addition, the weather can vary significantly in different areas of large cities. Even if the weather in your location is normal, you can get caught in rain in summer or snow in winter after driving just a few kilometers in the city.


The developers say that when users turn on geolocation on their devices, the application takes weather data from the nearest weather station, satellite images, and reliable international weather services. Depending on the weather outside, the application changes its skin. When it rains, users will see falling drops in the Material style on the screen of their smartphone.

In addition, the application automatically adjusts to users’ locations. If they are in a city, it will show high-rise buildings, cars on the roads, and pets walking around. People who live in the countryside, in turn, will see a rural landscape with peaceful fields and sheep grazing quietly.

The application also provides information about the current phase of the moon and changes brightness depending on the time of day. It shows stars on a dark screen at night, and a blue sky with white clouds on a sunny day. If users do not want to give the application access to geolocation, they can manually set a specific point to determine the weather conditions.

Additional Application Features

The app allows users to add its widget to their smartphone screen. It is convenient, as each time they use their phone, they will be able to see the current time on the big clock and the weather for the next few days. Those who do not want to change their usual screensaver can check the weather by opening the notification panel.

There is a special feature. Users can take a photo of the surroundings outside their window and set it as a background in the application to have a more realistic view of the weather. The smart system will automatically edit the landscape in the photo according to the time of day and weather conditions. If it is already dawn, users do not have to get out of their bed and open the curtains to find out.

People can find out the detailed weather forecast for the next few days by simply scrolling the screen of their device with a light touch of a finger. The YoWindow application is free to download and install. However, it also offers a paid version for those who do not want to be distracted by ads.

Its key difference from other similar programs is a large number of animations, different skins corresponding to the real weather in certain locations, as well as an interactive experience for more convenient use. People who have already installed YoWindow note that the application does not consume a lot of energy and does not reduce the autonomy of devices, which is a big advantage for modern users.