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Today, technology and mobile communications are developing intensely, so high-quality apps on your Android device have become a necessity for users. There are many useful apps, and choosing the optimal tools can be difficult. This article will help you in navigating the wide variety of programs. We will briefly describe the most useful apps for Android smartphones in different categories.

Most useful apps for Android smartphone

Apps for productivity

  • Microsoft Office. This is not just a text editor, but a proper set of programs to work with texts, tables and presentations. It is perfect for creating and editing documents on the go.
  • It is both a notepad and an effective tool for organizing information, collecting web pages, and creating lists and plans.
  • This is a modern app for task planning, and creating pins, cards and lists. It is effective for teamwork.

Health and fitness

  • This helpful app has recommendations for healthy eating, recipes, and tracking diet and sports exercises.
  • This program both helps to relax and gives excellent meditation techniques, stories for sleeping and yoga.
  • Google Fit. It combines information from different apps. With this program, you can create a total analysis of your activity and establish and achieve physical activity goals.

Educational apps

  • It has lessons and game quests that make the process of learning foreign languages fun and interactive.
  • It helps users listen to lectures, perform assignments, participate in discussions, and gain knowledge that is at a university level.
  • Khan Academy. This program has a broad set of courses, such as mathematics or art. Each of them is adapted to any level of knowledge.
Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express

Photography and creativity

  • Adobe Photoshop Express. That is an influential editor for detailed work with images, which will give you many filters and tools.
  • In addition to the essential tools, it will give you unique filters and settings for professional editing.
  • Procreate Pocket. This program will give you both drawings and methods of creating some complex illustrations and animations.

Communication and social networks

  • This program has features such as messages, audio or video calls and sending files.
  • That is a platform for creativity, sharing experiences and seeking inspiration.
  • It brings together professionals around the world and helps them find jobs or establish business contacts.

Finance and business

  • This software helps users keep track of their spending and budget.
  • Here, you get fast and secure payments and the ability to send money to different countries.
  • That is effective team communication and integration with other business apps.

Entertainment and games

  • Wide selection of movies, series, documentaries and original content.
  • Millions of tracks, podcasts and the ability to create unique custom playlists.
  • Candy Crush Saga. It is an exciting game that will help you have fun.

Safety and device controlling

  • Avast Antivirus. Complete protection against online threats and security checks of Wi-Fi networks.
  • It stores your passwords in encrypted form and fills out online questionnaires in automated mode.
  • Find My Device. This program allows you to block it or erase all data at a distance and search the device by geolocation.


There is a massive world of Android apps, so you should choose those that will make your life comfortable, increase your productivity and allow you to relax at leisure. We hope that our recommendations will help you with this.