APM is a monitoring software suite that includes digital experience monitoring (DEM), application discovery, tracing and diagnostics, and purpose-built artificial intelligence for IT operations. APM has grown quickly to cover various technologies and use cases. Today you can use check website outage tools and monitor the status of applications in the most convenient way.

APM core features

Modern APM solutions’ key capabilities:

  1. Identifying and charting the different parts of an application and its supporting technology to continuously monitor changes in fast-paced environments.
  2. User experience across mobile and desktop platforms by monitoring mobile and desktop applications on mobile and desktop browsers.
  3. Analyze VDI performance to increase employee productivity while using VDI.

The following monitoring methods are important for understanding how to optimize application performance and user experience:

  1. API monitoring for analyzing the impact of third-party services.
  2. Application architecture monitoring for insights into how architecture changes affect performance and user experience.
  3. Service monitoring for understanding how individual services interact and impact overall application performance.
  4. Container monitoring for assessing the context and performance impact of individual containers.
  5. End-user experience monitoring for understanding how application changes affect your end users.

What are the benefits of APM?

APM provides businesses with better insight and understanding of how their applications perform and what other components they rely on. This way, they can identify and troubleshoot any performance problems before offering various technical and business advantages that continue to grow.

Businessman analysing app data with ARM tools

By implementing APM practices and tools, business, operations, application, and development teams can experience various benefits like improved application stability, increased uptime, faster resolution of performance problems, fewer performance incidents, and faster and higher-quality software releases. Additionally, they can also enjoy improved infrastructure utilization.

Solutions can benefit both the boardroom and those working on DevOps efforts. Some of the business benefits are improved productivity, increased innovation time, better user experiences, increased revenue, reduced operational costs, and higher conversion rates. Users of applications and online platforms are less likely to ask questions like “Is Offerup.com down?” now.

With reliable intelligence and new insights APM provides, teams can be more confident and work together more effectively. This allows application, operations, and development teams to align quickly and solve problems faster with a single source of reliable intelligence.

Collaboration can help teams solve problems faster and eliminate the need for frustrating war rooms. According to leaders, this can lead to increased job satisfaction among team members and ultimately result in higher staff retention rates.